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Dog licensing

Licensing your dog is a part of our state law and is required when your dog reaches three months of age. Licensing also provides a means of reuniting lost pets with their owners. I hope you find this information helpful and worthwhile. Should you have any questions about dog licensing, please do not hesitate to contact us.

When? All dogs over 3 months of age must be licensed each year before the 31st of January. When you obtain an older dog you have 30 days to purchase a tag without paying a penalty. However, a tag should be purchased immediately in order to avoid possible Municipal Court non-licensure fines.

Cost? A dog license costs $16.00 for a single year tag, $48.00 for a 3 year tag and $160.00 for a permanent tag.  A kennel license costs $80.00 You must be engaged in the business of breeding dogs for hunting or for sale in order to qualify for a kennel license.

Where? Monday through Friday at the County Auditor's Office in the Courthouse, or by mail using the dog application. Please go to Forms / Publications to apply for a dog tag (under misc licenses). 

Wyandot County dog licenses may be purchased online at Online Dog Licensing